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four dogs in a crate


Dogs are housed in a heated room which is attached to our home. They have their own crate or pen for sleeping and eating which is large enough for their bed and room for movement and toileting if needed during the night.

We are a country style kennels and the dogs get lots of exercise in paddocks. If your main concern is how clean and tidy your dog is then we may not be the kennels for you.

We provide several water bowls both inside and outside, if your dog is thirsty on return it is not due to lack of water.

Dogs sleep in individual crates but families or pairs can sleep together unless owners want them separated and next to each other.

dog in a small crate


dog in a medium crate


two dogs in a double crate


Warm kennel room for dogs

Room view


Our aim is to exercise and entertain your pup for the day and try and make sure they go home tired and happy.

We offer spacious play areas, toys, and caring staff dedicated to ensuring your dog's happiness. Your pup will have ample opportunities to socialize, exercise, and enjoy a variety of enriching experiences.

It’s a long day for your pup waiting for you to get home from work so the daycare experience is all about taking the guilt out of being a hardworking pup owner. Daycare breaks up the week for pups and gives them a day or two to look forward to hanging out with their mates.

On the other hand if you work from home or retired and your pup is with you constantly then daycare is just as important to let your pup have some time away from you and learn to be independent and most importantly learn to play with other pups. Plus give you a day off!

As we are a county kennels with lots of paddock fun if your pup comes home dirty then be sure they have had lots of fun!

The daycare routine is the same as boarding but dogs go home between 4.00pm - 6.00pm.

four dogs on a play platform

Playtime & Pool Time

Cute dog playing ball
3 dog tug-o-war
Cute dogs playing in a paddling pool
Two French bull-dogs in a paddling pool

Our Rates

Day Care

1 dog day care - $28 a day
2 dogs day care -
$48 a day
3 dogs daycare -
$70 a day
4 or more dogs please inquire
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1 dog - $35 a day/night
2 dogs -
$60 a day/night
3 dogs -
$90 a day/night
4 or more dogs please inquire
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(day of arrival is charged at full rate regardless of check in time either AM or PM)


Mornings 8.00am - 11.00am

4.00pm - 5.00pm

A full day is charged on day of arrival, whether your dog arrives morning or afternoon. It is more beneficial for your dog to arrive in the morning, if possible.
New dogs must start their first stay at Petite Paws in the morning, as this gives them time to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings before bedtime.
Dogs have a rest period from 12.00pm - 3.45pm.
Our automatic gates open at 4.00pm


Mornings 8.00am - 11.00am

Afternoons 4.00pm - 6.00pm

There is no day charge for morning of departure as long as your dog is picked up by 11.00am, If not you will be charged for that day and will need to pick up your dog in the afternoon opening hours.
Exceptions to these hours may be available for flights & other special circumstances when arranged beforehand. Must be close to standard hours, within reason.