Dogs are housed in a heated room which is attached to our home.

They have their own single or double pen for sleeping and eating which is large enough for their bed and room for movement.

Newspaper is provided for toileting if needed during the night.

We are a country style kennels and the dogs get lots of exercise in paddocks. If your main concern is how clean and tidy your dog is then we may not be the kennels for you. 

We provide several water bowls both inside and outside, if your dog is thirsty on return it is not due to lack of water.










Dogs are let out at 8.00am till 12.00pm with access to inside and outside. Toys, couches and day beds are provided.

Sleep time 

Dogs are fed lunch and sleep 12.00pm till 3.30pm. 


Dogs are let out at 3.30pm till 6.00pm in the winter and 7.00pm in the summer. Playtime includes a paddock run and ball throwing.


Dogs are fed and put to bed at 6.00pm in the winter and 7.00pm in the summer. A treat is given after dinner then its goodnight for all the tired puppies!



Long coated dogs are brushed regularly providing time permits. We also try to maintain eye cleaning while your dog stays with us.